martes, 16 de diciembre de 2014

Rafting in Ecuador!

Napo River, is one of the best rivers in Tena for rafting

Is a perfect river to make adveture, like rafting! The upper Rio Napo, is also localy called RIO JATUNYACU,which means " big water"  is a intermediete level for rafting, with big waves and amazing landscapes. 


A perfect trip for beginners and experts. "it has the perfect combination of exciting rapids, calm pools, and fabulous jungles scenary" 

 At Huasquila Amazon Lodge we work with the best amazon tour operators for rafting and kayaking, which have very high safety standards and are experienced professionals. Whether you are an adventure traveler or just looking for your first river run, you will find the best rafting or kayaking trip in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Amazon tours on the Jatunyancu, Toachi, Quijos, or Kayaking School, will make your stay in Huasquila Amazon Lodge an experience you will never forget.

Gruops for rafting